orking at New Horizons Center for Learning is not your normal job. Working in education is very challenging. Finding balance between school policy, parents and ultimately, the students – requires that our faculty are passionate, certified, qualified and committed to bringing the very best educational experience to the classroom.

Most of our faculty see it as a calling—a way of “making a difference.” “It’s not a job to do for the money,” said one teacher bluntly. You have to “have a passion for what you teach.” “I stopped teaching for several years but missed the interactions with students,” wrote another, who took a better paying day job in the interim. “I don’t make more money and I have less time for myself, but I wouldn’t trade any of that. I love meeting new students every year and I thrive in an atmosphere of change and flexibility.”

The biggest reward is when one of our students really gets something (the ‘ah ha!’ moment), there is not a better feeling in the world. The value of our smaller classrooms and the variety of our students abilities afford the attentiveness to ensure those ‘ah ha!’ moments are not lost.

Do you think you have the passion and skillset to be a teacher at New Horizons?